Tips & Tutorials 10 essential reverb tips

A quick rundown of the most essential reverb tips, from setting pre-delay to using combinations of long and short reverbs to craft professional, 3-dimensional mixes.


Daft Punk: The History, Videos And Influences

With the first glimpse of new album Random Access Memories, trace their journey from humble beginnings in the 90’s French House scene to massively influential living (well, robotic) EDM legends.

Some of our favourite recent tutorials and music tech videos from around the web:

Pro Tools Fundamentals: Comparing Plug-In Settings

Even if Pro Tools isn't your DAW of choice, check out this quick tut from the guys at Pro Tools Expert, demonstrating a solid approach to comparing different plugins, as well as different setups and presets within the same plugin. It's useful to have a streamlined approach for this and save a lot of time!

Savant drum programming genres from 78bpm to 340bpm

Norwegian producer Savant takes us on an entertaining ride through many different genres, morphing from one to the next as the BPM rises... A must see for drum programmers!

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