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Bass Challenges and How To Overcome Them: Everything you need to know to create, record, program, mix and master the bass elements of your productions, to achieve the optimum combination of low-end power, clarity, and balance with the rest of the mix.

We start with an analysis of the challenges facing project studio producers in the quest for the ultimate bass sounds and mixes, from small room acoustics to the inherent difficulty in perceiving accurate bass levels when mixing – then we look at the solutions for every bass-related problem, so you can get on with actually being creative.

Bass Strategies: From recording live bass to step-by-step programming of ultimate monster synth bass sounds, the Guide covers getting a great sound right from the beginning of your projects, using a raft of tricks and techniques to subtly craft bass elements that will be compatible with the drums and other instruments, and bring up the energy of the whole mix.

Advanced Bass Production and Mixing Techniques: Learn how to refine your bass sound within the mix, including how and when to best apply bass-specific compressionEQdistortion and harmonic generationfilteringlimiting and mastering.

Ultimate Guides Complete Bundle v2016



The Complete Bundle contains all six Ultimate Guides – Compression, EQ, Reverb, Bass, The Mix Checklist and Mastering – in a single download for just $54.99: an instant 30% saving on the individual prices.

Over 200 pages in total, dedicated to providing you with total mastery of the fundamental principles and techniques of modern music production.

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