The Ultimate Guide to Mastering


Product Description

Over 40 pages, packed with easy to digest explanations, walk-throughs and pro tips for quickly getting up to speed with mastering your own music.

Featuring answers to these common questions, and a lot more:

  • “What is the difference between mastering and mixing, really? How can mastering help me enhance my mixes and make my music professionally loud and punchy?”
  • “How do I select which mastering plugin processors to use, and what settings should I choose?”
  • “Why are particular processors like linear phase EQ and multi-band compressors important when mastering? How much EQ should I be applying? How much compression?”
  • “How do I put together the ultimate mastering plugin chain for my particular track?”

Mastering Demystified

Our major goal with this Ultimate Guide is to demystify mastering and walk you through the entire process end-to-end.

This starts with preparing your finished mix for the mastering process, before going through each mastering processor in turn, explaining what it contributes, what the pitfalls or trade-offs can be, and how to set it up for the best results with your music.

Whatever combination of free, bundled or premium plugins and processors you’re using, and regardless of which styles you’re working in, The Ultimate Guide to Mastering takes you through the underlying PRINCIPLES of modern mastering technique to ensure you’ll be able to get great results with your setup.

Learn to approach the mastering process with a clear, professional strategy:

  • We break down every key aspect of the mastering process, deconstructing EQ, compression, stereo enhancement and limiting stages, with example settings and step-by-step walk-throughs for setting up each processor to work it’s magic on your material.
  • Learn how to prepare and export your final mix ready for mastering, followed by how to build and optimise a chain of mastering plugins to process your mixes confidently and effectively, so you don’t end up fighting yourself and undoing all the hard work that went into your original mix.
  • Learn to set up multi-band compressors and limiters effectively and avoid the side effects of over-compression: Make your music as loud and punchy as commercial records, while avoiding the traps of excessive compression and limiting that can squeeze the life out of a good mix.
  • Advanced Mastering Techniques: Woven into the guide you’ll find a wealth of detail on some of the most advanced production techniques available to bring your music into line with professionally produced and mastered releases.
  • 15 BONUS Mastering Pro Tips: The final chapter features a roundup list of additional mastering tips and techniques, covering saturation and tube limiting, exciters and enhancers, and using mastering processors in series and parallel configurations.

Ultimate Guides Complete Bundle v2016



The Complete Bundle contains all six Ultimate Guides – Compression, EQ, Reverb, Bass, The Mix Checklist and Mastering – in a single download for just $54.99: an instant 30% saving on the individual prices.

Over 200 pages in total, dedicated to providing you with total mastery of the fundamental principles and techniques of modern music production.

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