Nord Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer


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Nord's Lead A1 Analog Modeling Synthesizer is a stunning sounding synthesizer with a simplified yet hugely powerful front panel interface. Producing standout sounds, the Lead A1 is ideal for all musical genres. Thanks to its carefully thought out user interface, the Lead A1 encourages experimentation, allows for speedier programming, and delivers sensational results. At the heart of the Lead A1 is a new analog modeling engine, which recreates a total analog signal path with uncanny realism, and is capable of immense sonic variety. With 26-voice polyphony and four simultaneous synthesizer parts, the Lead A1 is a true synthesizer powerhouse that goes far beyond the current trend. Fundamental to the design of the Lead A1 is the front panel interface. The design is the result of requests from professional players who need to create the perfect sound as quickly as possible. The Lead A1 allows easy patch creation and experimentation thanks to a new oscillator section, pre-programmed modulation matrix, and simplified ADR envelopes. The oscillator section generates 47 different waveforms, from classic analog to digital harmonic and inharmonic waves, while unique oscillator configuration shortcuts make programming more immediate than ever. The Lead A1's filter section features classic 12 and 24 dB Low Pass, a High Pass and a Band Pass filter, together with stunning emulations of the diode and ladder filters from the legendary Mini and the TB-303 synthesizers as used in the Lead 4. The Lead A1 features an LFO with a choice of waveforms and a three-stage ADR/ASR Modulation Envelope. The Mod Envelope has its own velocity setting and also includes an Invert function. The effects section features two analog models of an Ensemble and Chorus, adding classic warmth and analog feel.


  • New analog modeling engine with 26-voice polyphony and four simultaneous synthesizer parts
  • Simple yet sophisticated front panel interface designed for speedy patch creation and deployment
  • Multi-configurable oscillator, 5-waveform LFO, 12/24 dB low pass filter, 4 arpeggiators with up, down and random modes and 4-octave range
  • Fatar 49-key key bed with super-fast response
  • Special features include the "Like" function, Mutator function and extra-fat Unison mode


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